5 Pieces – US SRF Silver Label Wagyu Ribeye

250g x 5pcs


🧊Store in the refrigerator for 6-9 months

U.S. Wagyu SRF (Black Label) is a breed produced by breeding Japanese Wagyu beef with top U.S. Black Angus cattle! U.S. Black Angus, black cattle, is already a type of high-end cattle in the United States. The most famous among them is Snake River Farms (SRF), which produces beef that takes the best of both worlds, including the delicate oiliness of Japanese Wagyu beef and the rich meaty flavor of U.S. Black Angus beef. SRF Wagyu beef is fed four times longer than ordinary cattle. Its sweetness, tenderness and juiciness are far superior to other beef. It is fed with high-quality barley, golden wheat and local famous potatoes. No hormones or animal by-products are used. Mixed into feed. Therefore, it maintains the rich flavor of Black Angus beef and the smooth and even texture of Wagyu beef.

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5 Pieces – US SRF Silver Label Wagyu Ribeye