Australian Bruemar Pork Chops

150g x 2


For only $69, you can purchase Bruemar pork chops which comes in 2 pieces per pack. Each piece is around 150-170 grams.

This product is extremely juicy and tender with a mildly sweet taste.

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C or below

Australian Bruemar Porks

Each Bruemar product is comprised of tender pork that takes the guesswork out of preparing juicy, flavoursome meals. Bruemar’s premium pork is sourced from a select group of Australian family-owned farms. All farmers and supply chain partners are independently audited and certified with industry best practice quality assurance and animal welfare programs – ensuring that they care for their animals and the environment.

HKD $68

Australian Bruemar Pork Chops

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