Isigny Ste Mère AOP Certified Organic Bio Butter



Storage: Keep chilled between 0-4°C


About Isigny Ste Mère

PDO Isigny Butter (Protected Denomination of Origin) is made in accordance with traditions, and exclusively from the milks of the Isigny terroir. As specified in the AOP technical manual, nothing is added or taken away from the butter. Made with the best traditional creams of Isigny (matured 16 to 18 hours), it is famous for its golden buttercup colour and its distinctive notes of milk.

It guarantees that the butter has been made locally from authentic milk produced in the terroir. It comes exclusively from pasture-fed cows in a zone made up of 192 communes, mainly in the Manche and Cotentin départements. This rich milk has a unique nutritional profile.

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Isigny Ste Mère AOP Certified Organic Bio Butter

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