Isigny 100% Normandy Fondue



Isigny Ste mere’s 100% Normandy Fondue is made with carefully selected Normandy cheeses (Camembert, Pont l’Eveque and Livarot). It is a unique fondue made from Normandy’s finest ingredients.

This kit includes 1 tub of fondue (500g),  a free mini fondue pot, a candle, and two mini forks.

Storage: Keep chilled at 0-4°C

Isigny Ste Mere

Isigny is a major player in the dairy industry with over 85 years of experience. They are a French dairy cooperative located in the Isigny terroir of Normandy, which is the cradle of the famous Isigny butter, cream and cheese. Their methods of working are handed down from generation to generation; Creams are matured slowly and butters are churned. This traditional approach ensures that the brand works with the highest quality material and production – which is why they are branded as “Appellation d’Origin Controlee” (AOP) or Red Label by the French government. Only three French butters in the world carries this prestige label, with one of them being Isigny Ste Mère.

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Isigny 100% Normandy Fondue

How to use



1. Remove both the lid and the inner film sealing the pot.

2. Put the pot in the microwave and reheat for two minutes (900W).

3. Stir thoroughly to get a smooth texture and return the pot to the microwave for a further two minutes.





1. Pour cheese into a pot/saucepan.

2. Reheat for five minutes, stirring consistently until smooth.