Rigby + Blackwell Dog Treat – Vension for Dental Health


The ‘Classic’ Venison – Pheasant & Venison – Partridge & Venison – and Dental Health which includes Natural Cellulose for Healthy Gums and reduced tartar & plaque and added Peppermint for Fresh Breath.

The benefits of wild venison
Our UK wild venison is 100% natural
Wild venison is a super sustainable option
Controlling the venison population helps protect our woodland animals
Wild venison is lean and heart healthy
Lower in saturated fats than other red meats
Good levels of healthy protein, nutrients and vitamins
Keep refrigerated once bag is opened.

Keep refrigerated once bag is opened.

All our Wild N’ Natural Dog Treats are:
1. Rich in healthy Omega 3
2. Packed with Magnesium, Zinc & Iron
3. High in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5 & B12
4. Full of essential Folic Acid & Calcium
5. A great source of Nutritious Protein
6. High in plant based Polyphenols

The Rigby & Blackwell Story
Ben rigby, game Aficionado, and martin blackwell, cured meats mEIster, have worked together for years, sharing a passion for natural farming and quality meat. They also love their dogs. And so, RIGBY & BLACKWELL was born, to finally make dog treats with proper, human grade, traditionally air dried meat. No uNnatural preservatives, just a naturally healthy treat for your dog.

HKD $55

Rigby + Blackwell Dog Treat – Vension for Dental Health