Southern Grain Angus Cube Roll (Rib eye) M2+ 150 days



Southern Grain Rib-eye is a premium steak with a good level of marbling (Marble Score 2+). Easy preparation, portioned into 300g steaks. The steak has a good balance between beef flavour, marbling and texture.


Product Details

Origin: Australia

Size: 300g portioned cut (Approx 1/2 inch thick)

Cut: Rib-eye / Cube Roll

Storage: Chilled 0-4°C

Grading: M2+

Feed: Grain fed



Southern Grain

Grain feeding in the southern regions, due to the cooler conditions increases the welfare of the cattle throughout its lifetime at the feedlot, helping to maintain the quality of meat. With a minimum of 150 days grain feeding, the beef is processed at our state-of-the-art and export-registered processing establishment in Dandenong with access to most major markets globally.



HKD $150

HKD $190

Southern Grain Angus Cube Roll (Rib eye) M2+ 150 days