US SRF Gold Label Frozen Wagyu Boneless Short Rib



The Wagyu Boneless chuck short rib is one of the most popular bulk items from SRF. This item is perfect for those looking for bulk wagyu at the best value possible, and Super Farm offers one of the best prices in Hong Kong. It can be portioned into smaller cuts / slicing for yakinuku grilling, simple pan-frying or thinly sliced for hotpot.

American Wagyu Beef

The SRF American Wagyu cattle are raised along the high plains of the Snake River in Eastern Idaho. Managing the production process from start to finish, SRF has developed into one of the most highly regarded groups of Wagyu-cross cattle in the world. Crossing the bloodlines from US Angus and purebred Japanese Wagyu bull, it creates what we call the best of both worlds. It is the perfect blend of the famous Wagyu buttery marbling, and the robust, beefy flavor of high-quality US Angus.


US SRF Gold Label Frozen Wagyu Boneless Short Rib