UK Dingley Dell Pork Collar

150g x 2


The Dingley Dell pork collar comes in 2 pieces per pack (weighing 150g each). They are suitable to be cut into slices for stir-fry, pan frying, or baked as a whole into “char siu” barbecued pork.

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C or below

About Dingley Dell:

Dingley Dell pigs are also known as “Happy Pigs”. The farm actively cooperates with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to maintain high quality balanced diets and stress free lives for their pigs. The best flavored pork comes from pigs that are born, and bred in a well-managed, outdoor rearing and finishing system, where they can express their natural, inquisitive behavior. Dingley Dell’s sumptuous taste is a testament to the quality of care these animals receive.

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UK Dingley Dell Pork Collar

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