US Beef Deluxe Steak Set


5 SRF Silver Beef Eye Steak 250g + 5 Double R RANCH PRIME Steak 250g
A total of 10 pieces, a discounted price $ 1365, the package is included 🚛

SRF Silver Beef Eye Steak
The U.S. black cow grew up in the eastern Eda River. After years of development, SRF has become a recognized brand in the world. It combines with Angus and Japan’s pure seeds and cattle, creating two all the best of the United States, which has a high -quality American Angus flavor with Japanese beef.

Double R RANCH (American brand srf deputy factory)
Natural grazing in Double R RANCH in Washington, Washington. This pasture is the same family as the Farm (SRF) of Snake River Farm (SRF), which is familiar with everyone. The beef is fed with grains, but it is not just ate grain and corn, but also supplements potato. Therefore, the meat quality will be different than that of ordinary grains.

HKD $1365

HKD $2000

US Beef Deluxe Steak Set